How No Credit Check Bank works:

Tell us what products you want

Simply pick out any brand new home or apartment in any city and email us the link and information of what you want. House must be under 500k and brand new. You must have 10% of total cost to put down.

Close your deal

No credit check bank will send you an agreement to sign which will disclose your interest rate, payments and all costs. No credit check bank will handle every detail of the transaction until closed.

Enjoy and prosper long term

As you utilize your home equity line, apartment or pay down principle on your new home, furniture or car, no credit check bank will rebuild your credit and even help you make more money so you can enjoy Freedom long term.

No Credit Check Bank and TM Homes are America's first ever No Credit Check Bank and home builder. No Credit Check Bank and TM Homes give everyone the chance to start fresh and rebuild their dreams by providing nationwide owner-financing to credit-challenged individuals. Life is about working through problems and never quitting. That's why No Credit Check Bank created a secondary banking system, one that will help the millions of people our traditional banking system does not. No Credit Check Bank and TM Homes believes that the better you feel, the quicker you will recover. We know you will recover much better in a brand new home with new furniture and a new car. No Credit Check Bank also provides credit repair and long term opportunities with our unique system. You will also earn $2000 for every no-credit check home buyer you refer.


Register today, go homeshopping tomorrow and be cooking in your new kitchen within weeks.